[RTTY] OT Computer Assistance

David Tanks via RTTY rtty at contesting.com
Sat Nov 22 21:14:57 EST 2014

On 11/22/2014 13:15, Phil Sussman wrote:
> I have been researching the replacement of the three XP machines here 
> in the shack
> and the results have been discouraging. None of my programs: word 
> processing,
> spreadsheet, logging, rig interface, and scanner programming is 
> compatible with
> WIN-7 let alone WIN-8.1.
> In addition, my interfaces for the printer(s) [non-serial, but 
> parallel] aren't USB compatible either! I currently have five serial 
> interfaces, but my two USB ports have yet to operate with serial 
> adapters. I believe this is because my USB ports are USB-1 type (just 
> plain old)
> Obviously, I do not have an unlimited budget to replace three 
> computers, two
> printers, all the software and still be unable to interface with my rigs.
> I've got a JRC JST-145 (interfaced with LOGic) and an ICOM IC-756 pro-II.
Phil Duff  Georgetown, TX


Take one of the 3 xp machines and install Linux Mint.It has open office that will handle your word and excel files.It will read your usb ports and printer ports. Im not sure about your logging programbut it wouldn't hurt to try. It is FREE, FREE, so I would give it a try before you spend any money.I have been running MINT 17 without issues for some time now. It navigates just like Windows.

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