[RTTY] BARTG HF Contest 2015 Preliminary Results

Peter Laws plaws0 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:39:29 EDT 2015

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 9:52 AM, John GW4SKA <ska at bartg.org.uk> wrote:
> Isn't that wonderful.
> All the clever programmers and top end PCs can't be made to work as well as
> a 70 years old machine.
> So BARTG should change the rules ????????????
> John GW4SKA
> (writing personally and not with BARTG hat on)

Also callsigns.  Those should go, too, because a lot of times people
copy them wrong.  Did you know that some of the foreign ones you
letters and numbers in different orders!  Too hard!

RST is, fortunately, already gone from BARTG, which is good because a
LOT of people get that wrong on teletype.  Also, some people don't
remember what frequency they are on (you know how it is, change band,
go oil the gears, come back, forget to write new band in log) so
therefore band isn't idiot-proof and it needs to go.

Let's see, what does that leave?  Frequency not needed, nor the other
guy's callsign, and certainly not an exchange.  That should be it.
What else would be needed?  I mean stuff that's idiot proof?

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