[RTTY] FTDI USB Adapter?

Pete Smith N4ZR n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Jan 28 07:03:46 EST 2015

Generally, real FTDI USB-to-serial adapters give good results with most 
ham software, I think. There are a lot of counterfeits, though.  One 
name the N1MM+ team has had good results with is Sabrent.

Use of a directory other than Program Files for ham software is a 
function of whether the software tries to write to the program directory 
(for example, an .ini file or data files of some sort). In that case, 
Win 7 and later will prevent writing there, and a C:\Ham Radio directory 
is a good idea.  If the software conforms to Windows standards and 
writes either to an AppData or Documwent directory, then it is unnecessary.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 1/27/2015 9:42 PM, KC4HW/Jim wrote:
> Trying to help my brother with a new computer Win 8.1 and USB 2.0
> ports to find the correct adapter to allow for Yaesu Rig Control and
> RTTY/CW via a W3YY interface.
> Does this look like the right adapter?
> Is it still the prudent think to create a \HAM directory in Win8.1 for the
> Ham Radio Software?
> Jim/KC4HW
> Product Description
> Introduction:
> 3 foot Dual Port USB 2.0 to Serial Adapter FT2232D Chip with Power
> RX and TX LED This USB to Serial dual RS232 port converter cable
> utilizing the high performance FTDI CHIP easily adds 2 standard
> serial ports to your desktop, laptop or other mobile device.
> Serial outputs are automatically configured as additional COM ports.
> Compatible with most GPS and PDA devices (Garmin, Mallagan,
> Palm), modems, printers, scanners, digital cameras and office
> equipment. This converter cable has protection against static
> electricity and surges up to 15KV which gives you reliable data
> transfers and protects the converter and your equipment from
> damage due to over voltages.
> Product Details:
> USB Plug and Play allows easy installation and requires no IRQ,
> DMA, or I/O port resources which means more devices can be
> attached to your system without the hassles of device and resource
> conflicts. This adapter is suitable for general office usage as well as
> commercial and industrial applications. The FTDI and SIPEX CHIP
> Powered by USB, the device does not require a power outlet.
> Additional Specifications:
> USB interface: standard Type A female
> Baud rates up to 921.600bps
> Dual 16 Byte hardware data buffer (up/down stream)
> No IRQs, DMA or required. No IRQ Conflicts
> Automatic handshake support
> Cable Length: 3 feet
> OS Support:
> Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, 2003, CE, Vista, Windows 7, and
> Windows 8
> Linux and Mac OS 10.X
> Package Contents:
> 36 Inch Dual Port USB 2.0 to Serial RS-232 Adapter
> Driver Disc for all operating systems
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