[RTTY] Roundup

John Barber john at bordertech.co.uk
Tue Jan 9 17:03:06 EST 2018

Thanks to everyone in the US who gave me so much fun on Sunday. I didn't
intend to do the contest, due to feeling very rough with a bad cold.

On Sunday at about 14:30Z I decided to give it a quick look for a couple of
hours, give out a few points and see what happened.

In the next 2 hours I had a great time on 20M. 180+ QSOs, almost all with
the US, including 44 states! Then the band died and I sent in the checklog.
Still buzzing and feeling much better when I went for an early night's rest!

See you in the BARTG Sprint,

John GW4SKA / GW0A

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