[RTTY] N5TB RTTY Roundup Result

Anthony Barrett barrettac at md.metrocast.net
Tue Jan 9 19:44:12 EST 2018

Greeting diddlers, 

After returning to this great hobby we have, I participated in my first
actual contest since Nov Sweeps SSB 1996.
Upon finding this reflector , I've conversed via email with a few of you and
I thank you for your inputs and responses.
Happy to be aboard.

I gave a good effort with what I had to offer for the ARRL Rtty Roundup, and
the time that I had as well. For my first 
Contest in 20 years as a single op, unassisted, low power. I thought I did
well considering what I've been through this past year.
I may not be in the top listings for northeast region but I made some noise!

My results were:

Band        Contacts        %
80m         59                   19
40m         78                   26
20m 	  152	            50
15m         15                    5

Total Contacts - 304
Multipliers -68
Dx Stations - 22

I hope to become more competitive over the months / years to come as I once
was in the past. I'm looking forward to good times
In the future...


N5TB, Tony Barrett
Great Mills, MD

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