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Alan C. Zack k6acz@earthlink.net
Sat, 13 Oct 2001 19:07:16 -0700

Hi Al,
I may be confused with the terminology but on pages 80 and 81 of the version
9 CT User's Manual, under CA QSO Party, it states (in part): 
"The logging line lists your QSO S/N, Band, Time, Called Station's Call Sign,
His S/N, State or Province, Mode, Multiplier."

As an example:

1  20  2001  W5T  25  TX  TX

In the above example my first contact of the contest was on 20 mtrs at 2001Z
with W5T.
W5T gave me his S/N of 25 and his state as Texas.  When I hit return to log
the contact CT filled in TX in the Multiplier column as a new mult for me.  I
do not make any entry in this column, CT does it for me when I hit enter.
Let's say the op at W5T on 20 asks me if I can go to 15 and work them there. 
So I QSY to 15 and work them again for my second QSO of the contest.  My log

2  15  2003  W5T  26  TX  __

When I hit return the multiplier column is left blank by CT.  It is my
understanding that this is because once you work a state or province on any
band it no longer counts as a new multiplier.  This is how CT logged my
contacts during the contest.  As I entered each call sign I heard, I would
get a little prompt of "Needed call" or "New Multiplier" or the dreaded
"DUPE" as I hit tab to check for dupes and partials before calling the
station (I was S&P mostly) to work him.

The CT manual calls it a multiplier for the very first time you enter a state
or province, otherwise it leaves that column blank when you work that state
or province a second, third, fourth, etc, time on any new band.

If this is wrong please let me know as I have a serious problem in my score.

AD6E@aol.com wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> The QTH field in your log is just that, a QTH field. It is not a MULT field.
> To my mind, leaving it blank simply means you didn't copy it (even if it may
> be obvious from the call).  If you work VY1JA would you leave the QTH blank
> because everyone knows the QTH anyway?  I don't think so. Same reasoning goes
> with working G3ABC and not logging UK (or G3).
> 73, Al  AD6E
> In a message dated 10/13/01 19:49:38 Greenwich Standard Time,
> k6acz@earthlink.net writes:
> << Please correct me if I am wrong (and I may be) but I use CT.  In CT it logs
>  the mult (state) the first time you log it on any band.  But then if you work
>  them again on another band it does not count as a mult since you already
>  worked them on another band, and so the mult field remains blank.
>  If this is NOT correct then I have a lot of fixing to do.
>  As for DX, CT accepts only certain prefix indicators for each country.
>  Example, I worked a German station with a DJ prefix.  But CT wouldn't except
>  DJ, only DL.  Sorry I can't help you with the OKLA versus OK1 example.  I
>  would suspect if you logged it as OK it would be treated as OKLA, but am not
>  sure.
>  GL and 73
>  73
>   >>


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