[SCCC] RE: Traveling with a HF Rig

Wes Printz, W3SE W3SE@dxer.com
Sun, 22 Sep 2002 19:25:31 +0000

Hello Alan,

I went to ZL for a few days this past August from LAX on United
Airlines.  I took a FT-100D along for the ride, with an Astron SS-25 and
an MP-1.  The Rig, P.S., and Ant were in my Checked Baggage.  I had
separate boxes for rig & P.S. Not the originals.  To play it safe I put
a copy of the sales receipt with the rig, and also carried one, in case
customs asked any questions.  I was more concerned about Tariffs.  My
checked baggage went right through LAX Security, as well as ZL.

My Bag did have a sticker attached to it that it had cleared United 
Airlines Security.  The contents of my bag at either end did not seem to
be disturbed.  So, I'm thinking you would have less problem with
checking the rig than carry on.  Check with your air carrier prior to
see what their regulations are regarding carry on items.  My carry on
had Camcorder, Film camera and GPS rcvr and assorted. cables.. no
problems, ALL carry on was hand inspected at the Auckland Airport on

73 es Gud DX

Wes, W3SE