[SCCC] Free 80 ft crankup tower and antennas in San Diego

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki_73 at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 15 00:58:14 EDT 2005

Info from Harry W6YOO


Hi All,

I received a call this evening from a Mr. Phil Gorman, a Real Estate 
Broker, telephone number 619-252-7828 concerning a tower and beam(s) free 
to anyone who is willing to take the antenna(s) and tower down and haul 
everything away.

Mr. Gorman is not a Ham and is not familiar with towers and antennas but 
believes the tower is an 80 foot crank up with a big beam or a stack (he's 
not sure). The tower, highly visible from the road is located in the 2100 
block of Tokalon in the Baypark section of San Diego in zip 92110.

The occupant of the home is the daughter of a Silent Key and wants the 
tower and antennas removed.

He suggests that anyone interested drive by the property, and if willing to 
do the take down, contact him for an appointment to visit the occupant to 
make final arrangements. He would appreciate it if she is not disturbed, 
hence the reason for setting up an appointment to examine the tower.

Request widest publicity so if you know someone not on the SDDXC, EARS, VE 
lists feel free to pass this on to  El Cajon, Palomar, or other groups.

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