[SCCC] k6na cw sprint

Glenn Rattmann k6na at cts.com
Fri Sep 16 01:53:54 EDT 2005

NA Sprint CW Contest
Call: K6NA 
Class: Single Op HP 
Summary: Band QSOs 
80: 73 
40: 149
20: 99 
Total: 321 Mults = 46 Total Score = 14,766
Club: Southern California Contest Club Team: SCCC #1

Comments: We (SCCC) had to scratch to get ten guys for one team... Not like
the good old days when we had three or even four teams on for this. Overall
participation seems about like always, but is the California participation

Good to hear the Club guys on-- hope you all had fun!!

My 80m wire beam is still down while the 40m beam is being repaired.
Friday I put a horizontal dipole at about 80 ft between the towers for 40m
and it worked very well.  Used the "JA" inverted vee for 80m; it wasn't as
good as the beam but some east coast guys said the signal was still

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