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Hello John and the boys,

I concur with Mike and there is also some simple good practical balun
winding info at the Alpha Delta website.
See http://www.alphadeltacom.com/dxa_ii.htm 
Another great place to spend some educational hours is at W4RNL Cebik's
See http://www.cebik.com/ 

The exact makup of the diameter and number of turns for a coax balun is up
for debate, Mike suggest 8T on a 6" form, I have used 10T or a 3-4" form up
to 8T on an 8" form. RG-213 is fine. Do NOT scramble wind, lay one turn next
to another. For lower frequencies (160-80-40M) I would use more turns and
larger diameter.

BN-86 balun is a voltage balun and will arc easily with any SWR and KW
power, like something as simple as tuning a CW 40M dipole on 40M SSB!

Another good choice are those ferrite core over teflon coax types (current
balun), like sold by Force-12, etc. Most of the common ones will be just
fine for 2500 watts and lower. Voltage breakdown with these types (current
balun) is less of a factor. Core saturation and subsequent heating can occur
with more power than they were designed to take.

Regards, Dan Magro W7RF
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>            Heard  ZD8I, Jim most of the day Sat. on 15 meters - but 
> signal never came up to S2 - never could break that pileup.
>            As others, did work KH7X on 6 bands - only station I could 
> reach on 160.  Did you work YA1OJ on 20 meters.
>            Wiped out the Balun on the 40 meter 1 el hy-gain.  Need 
> suggestions for a higher power balun.

Let me guess, John - the rotary dipole used a BN-86 balun right? They are
notorious for being fuses. A coil of RG213 on a piece of plastic drain pipe
will work just fine (especially for a monoband antenna):


They recommend 12 turns on a 4" form. I would go with 8 turns on a 6" form.

If you want something a bit smaller, you can also buy current balun's from
DX Engineering or Array Solutions which use ferrite cores.

73, Mike W4EF....................................................

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