Prasad vu2ptt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 09:21:47 EDT 2008

                   CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: VU2PTT
Operator(s): VU2PTT
Station: VU2PTT

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Bangalore MK82tx
Operating Time (hrs): 24


        Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
           7      49     246   19
          14     166     400  122
          21     565    1289  277
          28      26      40   14
       Total     806    1975  432

Total Score = 853,200

Club: SCCC - DX Member


Rig - Icom 746PRO to SB-200 Amp running around 400 watts
Ant - F-12 C3S @ 60' on 20,15,10m & Vertical wire with 1 radial for 40m
Logger - N1MM Logger. This contest was recorded :)

My first attempt in the HP category on SSB. Thanks to Brad K7ZSD for
the SB-200 amp which helped many of you hear me. Family responsibilites
allowed operating only 24 hours of the contest - 8 hours of peak QSO time
on 20m was given up for hospital duties for my father-in-law.

15 metres was the money band. Ran JA's for the first time in several
years on 15m. Strategy was to collect JA prefixes the first day and
EU 3/6 pointers and prefixes the second. First day was OK for my part time
effort although I missed all of the prime time on 20m. But on the second day
after running some EU on 15m till 1200z, went back to hospital and returned
for 20m only around 1600z.

At 1640z, the 20m band which was full of loud signals from NA/EU
suddenly died to near zero. I had just started a run on this band and
was dismayed at this, of course I should have been there when the band
was hot! Checked 15m which was dead as well, except for a lone and loud
ZY7C whom I worked. Went down to 40m and started trying to work the very
loud EU stations on S&P mode. One attempt to run only got 9M8Z to call me.

Around 2045z went up to 20m which was dead all the time to scan
the band without much hope. Imagine my surprise when I heard a very
loud VO1MP calling CQ on the low end of the band. Quickly worked him
and then tuned higher up to hear HI3T who was so loud he sounded like
he was transmitting  from the next room, I could even hear the low
level hum on his power supply. Worked him and then tuned up the band
to work a few more loud stations in quick succession which inlcuded
NN1N, HD2A, HI3C, P40A, VQ59W, VB3E, 6Y1V, K1ZM, TO1C, VP2E, WP2Z,
FG/OM3LA, V25V, TO5RZ. After working TO5RZ for a new country at 2130z,
the band again went dead as if someone had turned off a switch!!

Was not sure if I was hallucinating because all of these signals sound
unreal - LOUD. This was a bit too much in my tired condition, so
happily shut down the radio and went to bed at 3 AM local time. In the
morning I found all these entries in the log - I must have worked
them!!! Looks like the sunspots are coming back slowly. See you all in
WPX CW when I hope to have another blast. Thanks for all the Qs and
the fun!!! :-))

73 de Prasad VU2PTT, W2PTT (ex-AF6DV)

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