Dick Stepanian w6tk at juno.com
Tue Apr 1 15:27:57 EDT 2008

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: W6TK
Operator(s): W6TK
Station: W6TK

Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 22.3

 Band  QSOs
  160:    2
   80:  244
   40:  209
   20:  972
   15:   70
   10:   19
Total: 1516  Prefixes = 546  Total Score = 1,449,084

Club: Southern California Contest Club

Rig:  FT-1000MP - MkV ---> Alpha 374A
        10-40 Mtrs: HyGain Explorer 14 at 50 Ft with 40 Mtr Rotatable
       80-160Mtrs: 1/4 Wave Slopper
Logging Software: N1MM

Comments:  Started out pretty wimpy as far as dx goes.  40 and 80 were
pretty good for stateside - lots of prefixes.   
DX seemed to perk up on 20 about noon on Saturday - EU started coming
through great.  Had a wedding to attend
with the family on Sat - so took a break from about 3-9 PM - then Sunday
AM to church with family....boy life does
get in the way of contesting sometimes...hihi.  Sat night was still
pretty good and early Sunday morning too.  
Good dx on 40 mtrs below 7100...but they weren't listening up very much! 
Some good runs on 20 on Sunday
afternoon also...lots a new calls - maybe the no code is working???  
Wonder if CW weekend will have as many 
new calls as ssb weekend?  Maybe we'll have another good surprise. 
Overall a little better than last year even though 
I seemed to have started slower.  20 was obviously my bread and
butter...but also pleasantly surprised with how 80 and 
40 worked out too.  Thanks for the Q's and hope to work you in WPX CW. 
73's - Dick

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