[SCCC] Field Day 2009 - W6TD

Bob Selbrede, K6ZZ k6zz at ccis.com
Sun Jul 12 19:03:01 PDT 2009

Southern Inyo Amateur Radio Association - W6TD

Class: 3A Low Power
Section: ORG
Ops: W6PH, KI6VC, K6VR, K6ZZ plus numerous visitors from the
Lone Pine, Independance and Bishop area.

Vic KI6VC, Rich K6VR and Bob K6ZZ decided to join Kurt W6PH
this year at his cabin in
Lone Pine.  We usually get together somewhere in the
Antelope Valley but decided to find a cooler spot this year
so we joined forces with Kurt.  Turned out to be quite hot
even at 4100 Feet elevation!

We ran 3A with 100 watt rigs on generator power.  Antennas
were an A3, 40M dipole and 80M sloper at 48' on an AB-577
portable mast and an A3, 40M dipole and 80M Inv Vee at 38'
on a homebrew tower trailer.  The third station was a 32'
vertical and tuner covering 80M through 6M.  We also had a
small 3 element Cushcraft 6M beam at 15'.  For logging we
used MiLog with a wireless network for the PC's.  Overall we
had very few equipment or antenna problems to contend with
this year.


Band     CW QSO's     SSB QSO's

80M      201          288
40M      241          334
20M      461          350
15M      149          31
10M      34           123
6M       0            41

Total    1086         1167

The better than expected 10M and 6M conditions were a
pleasant surprise.  We probably should have spent a bit more
time on those bands but we're happy with the overall results

Vic did a bang up job as usual on the Friday night feast. 
We had buffalo burgers and mass quantities of his award
winning chili.  Kurt whipped up some amazing guacamole, and
of course, we had Vic's homebrew beer to wash it all down. 
Nothing like a few cold 807's after a long day installing
antennas!  As if that wasn't enough, Vic whipped up Saturday
morning breakfast in the form of a "bacon explosion" as it's
often called.  Imagine a football sized chunk of assorted
meats all wrapped in bacon and slow cooked on the grill for
3 hours.  Hmmm, that reminds me, I need to check the Tri-Tip
on the grill!

As always, a good time was had by all.  Kurt has a FB QTH up
in Lone Pine and we enjoyed his hospitality.  We may give it
a whirl for the CQP.  It's hard to get used to the idea that
the Orange Section (ORG) is North of the San Joaquin Valley
(SJV) Section.  We are normally SJV here in Kern County...we
head North to Inyo County and now we're in the ORG
Section...go figure...

73, Bob K6ZZ

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