John Simmons kq6es at roadrunner.com
Sun Jul 12 20:24:48 PDT 2009

I heard rumors that some people thought the propagation was good.  My
experience was that conditions were far worse than last year, when they
weren't exactly great but I managed 335 CW Qs.  I more or less threw in the
towel early when it became clear how bad it would be, got some other stuff
done, enjoyed my 8 hour sleep, and satisfied myself with scraping together
100 contacts.


10m - 1 cw

15m - 11 cw

20m - 37 cw & 10 phone

40m - 48 cw

Total - 97 cw & 10 ph


20 zone multipliers & 8 HQ multipliers - I always have a very difficult time
finding HQ stations, but this was the worst ever, by a mile.


A miserable and disappointing result. I had high hopes based on how nicely
10m was coming in during the week. I probably won't be on the air for the NA
RTTY due to a family visit, but I'm hoping for better things in the NA CW.
One positive thing was the confirmation of the very good performance of the
Inrad roofing filter for my MP, and surprisingly effective results from the
notch filter on 40m to counter some very irritating noise,  making some
calls appear as if by magic. A real ear saver too. I don't know why I've
rarely used it in the past.


John kq6es

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