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> Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis and Lieska.
> 73, Dean, N6BV
> From: Dennis Motschenbacher
> Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 9:13 PM
> Subject: Motschenbacher Cancer
> Friends,
> Many of you already know that I was diagnosed with cancer in my neck on
> August 17th. It is kind of hard to hide this sort of stuff from the ham
> radio community while holding this great job I have with Yaesu. The 
> Amateur
> Radio rumor mill is alive and well because the news seems to be spreading
> fast. So, there is no sense in me trying to pretend it can be kept a 
> secret
> I am sending this to you so you do not get blindsided by somebody - I most
> certainly owe you that.
> Needless to say the cancer news was not expected and not something I was
> prepared for. Since then, I have put two brilliant young surgeons on the
> case. We have been working as a team to determine the best path to follow.
> After all the obligatory tests, poking , and tiny cameras probing here and
> there, we have decided to do surgery as quick as possible; most certainly
> within the next 10-12 days. After the surgery, I am expecting full-on
> aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatment for a couple of months or
> so.
> Due to my just plain ol' ornery disposition and competitive nature, the
> doc's tell me to put my money on an 80% chance this mess won't do me in -
> actually they say that I have a very high probability of being cured of 
> the
> cancer if no other little surprises show up.
> The world will continue to turn (probably more smoothly) during the days 
> and
> weeks I may be absent from the office because of the great crew I have
> there. And I expect to gleefully drive my wife, Lieska, utterly crazy 
> while
> at home. During the next few months I will live out my lifelong motto that
> has been shown on my K7BV home website for years - "True Adventure 
> Requires
> An Uncertain Outcome." This promised to be the biggest adventure of my 
> life!
> I apologize for any inconvenience this situation causes you and trust that
> you will be patient with any bumps in the road that occur until I can get
> back in the saddle again.
> Take care and Thank you.
> Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV
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