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We got the news last night that the hosting rights to the 2014 World
Radiosport Team Championship have been awarded to the group started by
K5ZD and myself.

This is a great honor, and we are looking forward to pulling together
a great experience for everyone involved.

We are counting on the YCCC members to assist us - we have a lot of
people who have volunteered and we have set up a mailing list
established to keep the discussions off the YCCC list. If you are
interested in helping in any way, let me know.

Most of the near-term work is procedural (incorporating, setting up a
Web site, establishing the team selection process, etc.), but when we
get closer to the actual event in 2014, we will need everything from
airport pickup drivers to antenna builders.

In the mean time, we are looking for a CPA with experience in
non-profit filings and a lawyer with experience in corporate matters
willign to do some pro bono work for a starving non-profit startup.


Doug K1DG
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