[SCCC] NY Ham Cited for Talking on Cel

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 13:05:11 PDT 2010


I beg to differ !

If the ham does not "COP AN ATTITUDE" and presents the letter, he MAY still
sway the officer.

Maybe a copy of the letter and some education by ARRL might be provided to
State Polce Commanders of
all states that have enacted a cel phone use while driving ban so that
Commanders could EDUCATE THEIR officers

73, Dennis Vernacchia N6KI

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 12:52 PM, Henderson, Dan N1ND
<dhenderson at arrl.org>wrote:

>  Dennis
> This idea was kicked around and it is not solid.
> For as many hams as might be helped by it, unfortunately there are those in
> this hobby who cop some pretty bad attitudes.  When someone like that gets
> stopped, they drag out the letter, the officer isn't buying it, and then the
> argument ensues.  The ham then gets cited for more than just the ticket -
> which can be fought.  The best procedure is to politely tell the office your
> position and if they still disagree, then fight the ticket in court.  Yes it
> will be inconvenient but if the officer decides to cite you, they are
> usually not going to be swayed by a piece of paper kept in the glove box
> 73
> Dan Henderson, N1ND
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> *Subject:* NY Ham Cited for Talking on Cel
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> Re: New York Judge Declares Amateur Radio Is Not a Cell Phone
> http://www.arrl.org/news/new-york-judge-declares-amateur-radio-is-not-a-cell-phone
> It was great to learn the citation was dismissed but I am sure it will
> happen again to other NY hams and
> waste everyone's time and more  taxpayer's money !
> What NY and other state's hams should do.... is to carry a letter in their
> vehicles like the CA hams do
> I will send a separate e-mail with the letter attached
> ( Those recipients of this mail that need a copy of the letter, please
> e-mail me and I will send a copy )
> It is from the state capitol office of CHP ( CA Highway Patrol )
> That may stop the citation from being issued in the first place.
> You might consider my info for publication in QST so that other hams in
> other states ( and CA )
> are aware that it may be a good thing to carry such a letter in their
> vehicles in case they are ever stopped
> for just talking into their microphones and not driving dangerously at the
> time of the stop !
> 73, Dennis Vernacchia N6KI
> San Diego
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