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  *After being in 9V1 for 3 week I had the chance to get on the air. The
long hours I have been working hasn't helped much. Last night I operated
from about 3:00PM local to 10:00PM until I started dozing off from lack of
sleep. This week will be closer to a regular work schedule so I hope to get
on the air during the week.

Next weekend is CQWW RTTY and it looks like the station will be available
for part of it. Still working out details and such. For those of you that
need 9V1 on RTTY this is your chance. I might also do a test run a few days
before the contest if our schedules cross paths during the week. If this is
the case I will point to California and try to work some club members.

Is this an excused absence from the club meeting?


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