John Simmons kq6es at roadrunner.com
Sun Sep 26 18:15:37 PDT 2010

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: KQ6ES
Class: SOAB LP

Band  QSOs  Pts  State/Prov  DX  Zones
   80:    9            6       2     2
   40:   95           32      10    10
   20:  114           34      19    15
   15:   95           20      20    14
   10:   18            0       7     6
Total:  331  528      92      58    47  Total Score = 104,016

Club: Southern California Contest Club

I was too tired coming into the weekend to be willing to lose more sleep, so
I got my 8 hours plus a couple more in naps each day. I didn't work much DX
worked but they were out there in force, and it was very nice to have 15m
open almost all day and some 10m to play with. I spent far too much time on
10m, but no regrets. The low count on 80m is due mainly to my early
bedtimes. I hope we'll get these same conditions for the CQP. N1MM refused
to load for some unknown reason, and I had no other program that would let
me enter states, so I logged it as the CQ WW CW and manually kept track of
states. I think I got the point count correct. 
John kq6es

A3 at 20ft
Butternut vertical

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