[SCCC] Tnx to W6PH / TB-3 for sale

Jim Price jnprice at pacbell.net
Thu Sep 1 14:10:07 PDT 2011

First, a big THANK YOU to Kurt, W6PH who came from Lone Pine to our
'vacation home' in Goldfield, NV.  He pretty much single-handedly installed
part of a Rohn 25 tower, and a TH-3 / rotator on top!  You can see photos on
my Facebook page.  As he said, "I gotta quit doing this after I'm 65 years
old - oops, that was 4 years ago!"  Great job, Kurt.
So, I goofed up a bit - the top of the tower I have in Goldfield is not the
kind that can take a thrust bearing.  So, despite my urgent call for a TB3 a
couple of weeks ago, I don't need it after all.  [But thanks much to Craig,
N6ED, who came up with one in very short order!]
Hence, a nice TB-3 Thrust Bearing for Rohn 25 or Rohn 45 towers is now
available - for $50.  If you're in SD County, we can arrange a drop-off
connection.  Otherwise, add $10 to ship.
Cheers / 73 - Jim Price, K6ZH

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