[SCCC] Copying VERY High Speed CW

Jim McCook w6ya at cox.net
Wed Sep 14 14:06:36 PDT 2011

Dennis, I think the author of that article did a great job.  Just follow 
his advice if you want to be a high speed hot dog.  I think the key is 
the desire to copy QRQ, and spending lots of practice time with it.  
Most CW we use is at much slower speeds, so we just don't build on it.

Many years ago I used to listen to Flo, W7QFA talking with W2KFA while 
they were coasting along at speeds from 60 to over 80 WPM.  40 years ago 
there were few others using that speed.  Flo used to help me by sending 
at intervals up to 60, where I met my limit.  A few years ago I managed 
the Rufz spot at 63, but later at 65 with a lower score.  It was a 
result of time spent focusing on high speed copying.  Sending that fast 
with a keyboard is another thing completely, which I haven't learned.  
Morse Runner is a great way to get CW practice for contesting, and you 
can control the speed.

You just need LOTS of time and desire to learn QRQ.


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