[SCCC] California QSO Party in 8 days

Jim Price jnprice at pacbell.net
Fri Sep 23 16:43:20 PDT 2011

I'll be part of the K6QK Imperial Contest Group - we will be operating once
again from Imperial County as Multi-Single County Expedition.  The group is
me (K6ZH), Bud (N7CW), Dave (N6EEG), Paul (NN6X), and Dan (N6ERD).
Hopefully we'll have some good condx - they've been mostly great lately!
73, GL to all - Jim, K6ZH

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Getting excited... I'll be with K6ZZ, KI6VC, and W6PH along with others in
Lone Pine for a multi-multi county expedition this time around.

Maybe John, KQ6ES, will be on top of SBER!

Good luck to all of the SCCCer's who are going to be operating in this
year's CQP.


Tim / N6WIN.

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Hi all,

You are invited to participate in the 2011 California QSO Party.  Be sure to
catch the fun!

16Z Saturday October 1  -  22Z Sunday October 2

If you are inside CA: Serial number and CA County
If you are outside CA: Serial number and state/province/DX


Breaking news:

*All 58 counties will be on the air!  See the latest activity map:
This is just a short list of the loads of stations you can expect to hear on
the bands from California during CQP.

*Last year, San Francisco County and Lassen County were among the most
difficult for those chasing a county sweep.  We have added a big presence in
both of those counties this year!

-40 bottles of wine, 38 plaques, hundreds of certificates, T-shirts -NEW for
2011: New Contester Award Details at: http://cqp.org/Awards.html

Don't forget to check 10m!  This year's band conditions are likely to be the
best we have seen in CQP in many years.

With enhanced propagation, records are ripe to be broken this year. Will you
be a new CQP record holder?  Check out our records list:

Any questions?  Send us an e-mail at info at cqp.org

See you October 1 & 2 in the California QSO Party!

-Dean - N6DE
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