[SCCC] Honda EU2000i Generator Carburetor Gum-up prevention - YouTube

Fred Petrotta ki6qdh at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 11:21:03 PST 2012

I have owned a 2000 for several years and there is a easier way to drain the fuel out of the carb.  On top of the gas cap there is a vent switch that must be rotated to the ON position or no fuel will pass from the tank to the carb. while running the engine rotate the vent to the closed positon --fuel will not be able to flow to the carb and after a few minutes the engine will run out of gas. dosent get any easier!
73,  Fred/ki6qdh

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Subject: [SCCC] Honda EU2000i Generator Carburetor Gum-up prevention - YouTube
For Honda gasoline-powered generators like the EU2000i, here is a method to run the gas out of the carburetor when you are shutting down, thereby avoiding "gumming up" problems. Very smart, very easy. He says the fuel supply from the tank is cut off, the generator engine will run for about another two minutes, and the carburator will be drained.

73, Larry N6NC
Easier than having to drain!  


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