[SCCC] 9n1ii in the contest

Glenn Rattmann k6na at cts.com
Fri Feb 24 10:42:23 PST 2012

Many of the group worked 9N1II in the recent CW contest, and he has 
been reported elsewhere on the cluster since then.  Below you can see 
an email that W6YA received from 9V1YC, who made inquiries about the 
guy.  Bottom line:  Don't bother working or sending QSL $$ or IRC to 
the "manager."  It is a pirate operation, set up probably to scam the 
money.  Also ignore "D2PZ" when it comes on the air... the same guy 
is announcing he will be on from there next.  More scam.
--Glenn K6NA

From: James Brooks, 9V1YC <mailto:9v1yc at nine-v.com><9v1yc at nine-v.com>
To: Jim McCook <mailto:w6ya at cox.net><w6ya at cox.net>


FYI below.    Looks like I was right.

Spread the word in your area so this clown doesn't eat too much QSL money.



 >From: Carl Smith <mailto:n4aa.dx at gmail.com><n4aa.dx at gmail.com>
 >To: "James Brooks, 9V1YC"
 >Subject: Re: 9N1II
 >Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 08:04:41 -0500
 >Organization: DX Publishing, Inc.
 >Hi James,
 >Well I got lucky and caught Satish at home... here is a direct 
quote from his email:
 >"I just had conversation with Mr. Subodh Nepal, Section Officer of MoIC.
 >He informed that no call sign for a foreigner is issued as 9N1II.
 >Moreover, currently this call sign does not belong to any operator.
 > From MoIC's response it is clear that 9N1II is a bootleged operation."
 >Carl, N4AA

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