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Mon Jul 9 11:30:39 PDT 2012

I've heard through the grapevine, for example, that some serious 1A 
entries use SO2R setups to increase rate, which is fine if allowed by 
the rules. From what you say, Marty, it sounds like that is the case. 
The current wording doesn't really make that very clear. In fact, it 
seems to imply that an SO2R setup with lockout would be prohibited, so 
it would be good to get a more concise wording.

Thanks for chasing this down.

73, Mike W4EF..............

On 7/9/2012 9:09 AM, Marty Woll wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I just received a reply from the Field Day manager at ARRL HQ.  What the rule is trying to prevent is the use of devices that allow one operator to key up multiple radios simultaneously.  Apparently this has been done in the past for the purpose of artificially increasing the entry category and getting additional 100-point-per-transmitter e-power bonus points.  I have suggested a re-wording of the rule.
> It appears that there is no prohibition on the use of an Octopus to prevent, say, multiple ops on different bands at a Field Day VHF station from transmitting at the same time.  I hope to get an explicit statement to that effect from those in charge.
> Remember to get those VHF logs in to JuneVHF at arrl.org.
> 73,
> Marty N6VI
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>    Does anyone in the club know what the term switching in the context of the
>    Field Day rules means? I understand that to simulcast is to transmit on
>    multiple frequencies at once. I am now thinking that switching would
>    probably refer to something like channel switching in which someone is
>    transmitting on a predetermined pattern of channels, or random, like a
>    trunked VHF or UHF system? Maybe Marty or some of the other VHF/UHF
>    enthusiasts have some experience in what the ARRL is possibly trying to
>    deter?
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