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Mon Jul 9 16:37:17 PDT 2012

I forgot to write the call down, but there was a local
here who was calling CQ on CW on 2 freqs on
the same band at the same time.About 30kHz apart.
I just figured it was some new class for FD (there are
no losers) to allow more winners. I was just handing
out points as a 1D so I didn't care.

I do agree with some who have said that a home
station on emergency power is probably the best
FD test for Calif. If we have a disaster (when) gas
won't pump, water won't flow. We will all be home
waiting for the government (hello?) to fix things.

73, Art  W6KY

Never try and teach a pig to sing.
It's a waste of time and annoys the pig...
Albert Einstein

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Thanks, Mike.

Here's the wording I'd like to see (assuming that is the actual intent of the 

"Devices that allow one operator to key multiple transmitters simultaneously are 
not permitted.  Each claimed transmitter in an entry category must be manned by 
a separate, appropriately licensed operator."


Marty N6VI

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  I've heard through the grapevine, for example, that some serious 1A 
  entries use SO2R setups to increase rate, which is fine if allowed by 
  the rules. From what you say, Marty, it sounds like that is the case. 
  The current wording doesn't really make that very clear. In fact, it 
  seems to imply that an SO2R setup with lockout would be prohibited, so 
  it would be good to get a more concise wording.

  Thanks for chasing this down.

  73, Mike W4EF
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