Vic ki6vc at verizon.net
Sun Jul 22 10:39:12 PDT 2012

KI6VC Meko&SparkyJuly NAQP RTTY

Class SOLP
Call KI6VC
Station KI6VC
Op Himself
Location Cal City
SCCC team #1
Op Time 8 hrs

Band Qs Sec
7:   35   16
14: 160 42
21: 66   27
28: 10   6
-------271 91
Claimed score 24,661

IC 756 ProIII, 40-10 4el SteppIR @ 55 ft
Software: N1MM 12.7.1

Activity good, band conditions soso. Had some very good runs but not good enough to make
for a good overall score. Started on 15 but it was a slow slog. Jumped back and forth between 20, 15
and 10 for the first 4 hours. Once again I moved to 40 way too early. Still have nothing on 80 but will have 
something soon. Either shunt loaded tower or a G5RV. 
Have been inactive for some time now but ProIII back from shop, shack cleaned and rewired. It's good
to be back in the saddle with all the gear purring.

 73 VicKI6VC Meko&Sparky 

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