[SCCC] [sddxcnews] CaQP (slightly OT since it's not DX per se but lots participate)

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Well, then  everyone in SoCal should donate their score to 
San Diego Contest  !

John was knocked off the air last year at last minute
Due to his noise generating neighbor's With their 
"Grow Lights" !!!


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On Jun 3, 2012, at 11:26 AM, Daniel Severance <daniel_severance at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm saying NO ONE should use SCCC for CQP - it's specifically disallowed from competing in the club competition - put your scores where you will but just not there...
> Merv suggests (off reflector) that someone (with my callsign) point this out again at the meeting in September...
> W6YI and K6NA did list SCCC this last year - I'm saying they should put their scores in a local club which is eligible for the competition.  SCCC, NCCC, etc. are not allowed per the QUOTE I listed from the organizer from the summary.  The intention is for local hams to pool scores and compete, rather than putting it in the large geographic clubs like  SCCC.
> That's all I'm sayin' - I brought up K6AM as he must have been travelling and didn't put in a score this last year as he always has a nice score!
> Cheers,
> Dan
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> Subject: Re: [sddxcnews] CaQP (slightly OT since it's not DX per se but lots  participate)
> Members of San Diego Contest Club no longer never used
> K6QK for CQP of course
> So, you are saying that Imperial Contest Group, 
> San Diego DX Club ( K6AM ) and San Diego Contest Club
> should donate their Scores to SCCC for CQP 
> And if K6AM runs from his home QTH then whoever
> Operates from W6YI and K6NA should also consider
> listing SCCC ?
> N6KI
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> On Jun 3, 2012, at 8:51 AM, Daniel Severance <daniel_severance at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>>    I don't know where else to send this but many participate in CQP whether or not they are contesters (the one time of year people WANT a W6).  It turns out that there is also a CQP local club competition.  The BIG clubs (SCCC, NCCC, even SCDXC) are specifically NOT allowed, so if you submit to one of those it doesn't count.
>> Here are the club results for CA! note 4 and 5!
>> Clubs - California 		Logs 	Score
>> 1 Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 	24 	2,908,799
>> 2 Redwood Empire DX Association 28 	2,856,935
>> 3 Eastside Contest Group 	 5 	1,139,331
>> 4 San Diego DX Club 		 3 	638,029
>> 5 San Diego Contest Club 	 1 	275,566 (2 were in 3830 - was K6QK changed?)
>> We have a lot in San Diego that participate and even small scores add up, but also we have a lot of big scores that are credited to SCCC that don't show up here at all (over 1 million points worth from 3 DX club stations!)  Add in the smaller scores and we make a very respectable 2.2Million - just a couple big scores from winning K6AM is usually worth 200K+ was absent this year)!  I only counted San Diego county scores and K6QK (imperial) so if someone was running from another county I missed it.  Also, anyone who operates, submit a log no matter how small (or send it to me to submit), it adds up!
>> Quote from the CQP write-up:
>> "It's a little sad to notice that many, many logs show
>> only the wide area clubs that are specifically not allowed
>> to compete in the CQP club competition: NCCC, SCCC,
>> NCDXC, and SCDXC. If you gave one of the above
>> clubs your points, please consider giving your points to
>> your LOCAL club next year".
>> Then the last thing we have to do is pick 1 club to put them in so we don't split scores up between two.
>> Thanks,
>> Dan
>> N6ERD
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