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Mon Oct 8 15:53:39 EDT 2012

California QSO Party

Call:  W6PH
Operator(s): W6PH
Station:  W6PH

Class: SOFixed HP
QTH: Lone Pine  CA (Inyo)
Operating Time (hrs): 20.3

Band CW Qs Ph  Qs
160:  23 
80: 112 111
40: 157 64
20: 248 488
15: 205 346
10: 116  161
Total: 861 1083 Mults =  57
  Score = 270,693

Club: Eastside  Contest Group


Equipment:  IC-781 AL1200 (SO1R)
N1MM convert

Temporary antennas on AB-577's: (They come down on Monday)

40-2CD at 60 feet
3el 20m yagi at 60 feet
5el 15m  yagi at 55 feet
A3S for 10m at 42 feet

80m slopers below 40-2CD and 3el 20

This started out as a casual  operation because of visitors here for the 
Pine Film  Festival which kept us from doing K6Z this year. Because of this 
made a goal of 1000 contacts. I lost four really prime hours on  Saturday
because of activities at the park from noon until 2 pm  and dinner from 
6:30 pm
until 8:30 pm. But I got sucked into the  contest on Sunday. About midday I
took some time off to go in  the house to look at the CQP website to see 
the Inyo County  record was. I found out that I was within shouting 
distance of
it and decided to try to beat it which eventually  happened.

I thought activity was very good with  an almost endless string of callers. 
Many people said they  "weren't in the contest" but were helping out. I took
the time  to explain the exchange to many of them. I also ran into many 
and were able to chat a little. To me that is one of the highlights of  

DX propagation  was weak but I put a number of weak DX stations in the log 
Europe as well as some Africans and a handful of  JA's.

It is helpful to be able to have two  antennas on the same band. I kept the
permanent A3S pointing to  the north for the sevens and the main antennas
pointing east. If  I heard a weak 7 calling they instantly became S9 
to  the A3S. Despite the north facing antenna I never heard a YT station  

Notwithstanding the  point advantage of a CW contact it seemed that SSB 
a  better rate of points per hour than CW. But I struggled more with weak  
stations than with weak CW  stations.

Of all the contests that I  participate in, this is still my favorite. 
Hopefully we  will have K6Z back next year as long as the CQP and the Lone 
Film Festival are on different  weekends.

73, Kurt,  W6PH

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