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Mon Oct 8 20:21:53 EDT 2012

                    California QSO Party 
Call: N6HC 
Operator(s): N6HC 
Station: N6HC 
Class: SOFixed HP 
Operating Time (hrs): 16.5 
 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs 
  160:    0      0 
   80:   84     37 
   40:  121    151 
   20:  212    418 
   15:  204    226 
   10:   62    126 
    6:    0      0 
    2:    0      0 
Total:  683    958  Mults = 57  Total Score = 224,580 
Club: Orange County Amateur Radio Club 
Transceiver: Kenwood TS-950SD, Kenwood TL-922A amplifier 
Antennas: Mosley TA-34XL (10/15/20), KLM 2 element beam (40), Inverted Vee 
Software: N1MM v.12.10 
42% CW QSOs, 58% SSB QSOs 
Missed NT for multiplier 
QSO rate average~100/hour 
I wasn't planning on operating much in this contest due to a bout of acute 
bronchitis, but my medical ailment wasn't the only thing that was infectious.  
Once I got into the fray, I found it difficult to turn the radio off.  I'm 
amazed that I lasted 16.5 hours considering how miserable I felt!  Operating 
SSB was quite difficult with my hoarse voice, but I perservered with the help 
of a voice keyer.  The biggest surprises this time around were the calls from 
Kenya, South Africa and Corsica.  Of course, there was some European interest 
as well with Gs, GIs, DLs, Fs, OKs, PAs, HAs, SPs and several JAs added to the mix.  Another 
surprise was contacting K7JA (Chip) from the K5MFJ shindig in Mississippi at 
the MFJ event. I never heard the NT multiplier but there seemed to be lots of 
interest concentrated in the other 57 multiplier areas.  I valiantly tried to 
make ten meters a major player for Qs but the propagation Gods failed me.  As 
usual, 20 meters was the money band accounting for 38% of my QSOs.  Thank you 
for all the Qs and I hope to see you in the next CQP. A big thank you to Alan 
(K6SRZ) for being the tip of the organizational spear this year.  
73 Arnie N6HC 
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