[SCCC] WN6K SOLP -Makrothen RTTY Contest

PAUL DOREY wn6k at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 14 12:18:23 EDT 2012

Makrothen RTTY Contest Call: WN6K
Operator(s): WN6K
Station: WN6K Class: SO/Single Xcvr LP
QTH: Vista, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 18 Summary: Band  QSOs
------------ 80:    4 40:   79 20:  118 15:  113 10:   30
Total:  344  Total Score = 1,460,341 Club: Southern California Contest Club Comments: Ever try to skip a rock across the Brea Tar Pits?  It won't happen...that is
what it felt like doing this contest with no relief from the High A index. I am
beginning to wonder if poorer SSN but a more stable Sun is better than higher
SFI. For score wise, this one boosts your early ego as they add the kM between
maidenhead points - so it was fairly easy to get to 1M+ but if you couldn't not
find any DX, it took a lot longer to get the totals up. The DX was sparse here in the lower corner of the Left Coast and I was
disappointed to work so few JAs - especially Saturday/Sunday morning. The other unique feature of this contest was it's division of 3 distinct
periods with everyone being off at the same time. Good for resting - but only
the last two hours brought ANYTHING of value of the last eight hour session. K1SFA (she works at the League) was my only ALL-BANDS contact and when I looked
her up on QRZ, it shows that she is an accomplished RTTY contester. Thanks for all the Q's WN6K, Paul

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