Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Mon Oct 29 17:27:04 EDT 2012

                   CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB


Call: N6HE

Operator(s): N6HE

Station: N6HE


Class: SOAB(A) HP

QTH: So. Calif.

Operating Time (hrs): 8



Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries


  160:     0      0        0

   80:      0      0        0

   40:    25      8        7

   20:    32    13       19

   15:  105    23       41

   10:    39    12       16


Total:  201    56       83  Total Score = 72,280


Club: Southern California Contest Club




Only 8 hrs - Too many activities during the weekend.. 95% S&P  -  201 Q's -


Omni VII, SB-220 (no amp on 10); 25' high dipoles; real close-in hill to the
NE hurts Europe, but the Pacific is a snap!


3 new Ones (Svalbard, Macau, The Gambia); 1
yet-to-get-the-card-for-a-recent-QSO (Mongolia); 8 new band-modes.


Tried a DVR for calling and report the first time ever - fun! Now if I can
get the freq characteristics for the DVR and the mic better matched.. Need
bigger buttons on the DVR box- you can imagine why..


Highlight/Lowlight: XYL comes in to the shack, all groggy, with a flashlight
at 5AM Sat AM (local).. Taps me on the back (headphones on) and says, "I
think someone's trying to steal our patio furniture!" Huh?    Turns out on
40M (SSB), RF is getting into the sprinkler control system and short spurts
are happening. And with our VERY high water pressure, this causes a LOUD
water hammer effect, especially in the bedroom, near where water goes into
the house from the street. I can't hear it because of the headphones and the
shack is on the other side of the house. Must not be good
pipe-hanging-strapping under the house, cuz lotsa racket is happening and
sounds like pipes or something being dragged/bounced around on bricks. XYL
is scared. She'd been running around peeking outside through windows,
turning on outside lights.. OOPS! "Don't worry, honey, we're OK. I can fix
it.." God bless our spouses and what they put up with...



Ray N6HE



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