[SCCC] Line Master Gem V2 Foot switch

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 22:07:09 EDT 2012

*Fellow Contestors, DXers and those who like "Hands-Free"  PTT operation of
your radio
when wearing a headset  or don't want to be pushing a PTT switch on a
Microphone *

I will be organizing a group purchase of Line Master foot switches, model
GEM-V2, Compact Omni-Directional Design.
( Pickup in San Diego area only )


They are round ( not square or Rectangular ) and can be depressed from any
angle so
no fumbling under your operating desk when you unintentionally move/kick
 it it around

This switch has no cable or plug included, you will have to add your own.
( any 2 conductor cable that is supple will do and in a pinch and you can
use a length of RG-58 coax )
( Some 1/4 inch colored Audio cable available at Willys Electronics or Auto
Stereo stores works great too ! )

The first price break is at 10 units for which we would get 10% off, the
next is at 20 units and would get 20% off.
The single unit price was quoted at
$ 36.60.  California buyers are required to pay sales tax.
The weight is 1.25 lb each and the estimated shipping is about $ 30.00 for
10 units.
The total cost for shipping and tax will be divided equally.
( I need to recheck prices as these above were from a year ago but expect about
same )

If you are interested, please send an email with the number if foot
switches you would like to
N6KI73 at GMAIL.COM and I will add your name to the list.

These switches are durable and endorsed by the N6KI school of contesting
and currently in use at the
W6YI Super Contesting/DX Station

I will e-mail final cost when I have it and you can send a check to my Call
Book address or make a PayPal payment
to my Gmail  address above. ( I will send instruction on how to make PayPal
payment so I don't get docked with a handling fee !

I have no pecuniary interest in the matter and will not make 1 Stinkin
Peso/Centavo  on the  deal !

Pick up in Mira Mesa or can bring to Palomar ARC or DX Club meeting.

73, Dennis n6KI

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