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We used to hit Apex regularly when we were new Hams, back when Old Man Slater was running the place.  I still get by there occasionally for small items such as MS connectors or graded hardware.  The sorting is often poor to non-existent, so prepare to spend in time what you save in dollars.  For some items they want a lot more than the eBay or swapmeet price, but there are some good bargains to be had.

As for the seismic survey, one look up from the narrow aisles tells you it's not a place you want to be in a major shaker!


Marty N6VI

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  I was looking at a building I'm doing a seismic analysis on and walked into a tenant space full of surplus electronics, wire, tubes, high voltage caps, etc. Looked like 813's KT88s etc. Lots of 450v axial electrolytics. I am not involved with his business.

  The guy has a website and does not typically sell on eBay. 
  He says he also has tons of stuff that isn't posted.


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  Rick, N6PE
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