[SCCC] DM17 QRV on M/S (FSK441) - as well as SSB, CW

Jim Price jnprice at pacbell.net
Fri Jun 7 18:37:33 EDT 2013

John et al - with great tnx to Bud, N7CW, I have WSTJ running here in Goldfield, and I made my first FSK441 QSOs this morning - on 50.260 (listening down).  I plan to be on again tomorrow (Sat.) morning at 1400Z to try some more Qs.  Perhaps we can make contact. 
6 mtr condx have been zero here so far - big Aurora event up north yesterday.  But looks like there's some E-skip today back East; hopefully it will get out this way for the contest.
Hope to hear some bursts from San Diego tomorrow!  73 - Jim, K6ZH / KG7NV

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Jim, that is great news and you'll be a VERY popular guy all across the nation if we do get a 6m opening! 
I could sure could use DM 17  and I already have DM 07 (just to your West) and DM 16 (to your South) so with BS we could work each other even at this short (less than one hop) distance.  
Someday when you add MS and JT65 to your bag of tricks it will be a slam-dunk! 
Regards, John NA6L.   

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Gang - I plan to operate in the June VHF contest this weekend as KG7NV from our 2nd QTH in Goldfield, NV.  If all goes well, a 5-element beam for 6-meters will go up this Thursday or Friday at the latest, and we'll be QRV for the contest, plus before and after.  Hopefully there will be some backscatter to allow close-in Qs.  I'll be on both SSB and CW.
Let me know if you want to try skeds.  I'm not experienced with meteor scatter, however.  
I can also meet for more 'traditional' skeds on the regular HF bands if you need the county (Esmeralda), also rare.
73 - Jim, K6ZH


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