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Marty Woll n6vi at socal.rr.com
Thu Nov 14 12:07:49 EST 2013

Congratulations to all the SCCC members who put in time, effort and gas
money in support of the June effort!  Wayne said it, but I'll say it again:
a huge amount of credit goes to my outstanding Frazier Peak teammates
(K6VCR, K6ZMW, N6MI, W6YLZ and WB2WIK), to our intrepid rovers and, I must
add, to Wayne himself for enabling so many of our club members with loans of
equipment and antennas and with the strategy he developed years ago to take
optimal advantage of it all.  


Yes, conditions were relatively poor, but with our rovers we practically
make our own propagation.  We will never have the many advantages enjoyed by
operators in the Midwest and East; the rovers are the equalizer, and they
are more reliable than tropo ducts by far.  They also turn what could
otherwise be an uninspiring event into a potential (and, in this case,
actual) winner with all the accompanying excitement.  That said, our ranks
are thinning (collectively, not individually!), and we need more members to
join the rover ranks.  One or two extra vehicles can make a huge difference
in scores.  We have had dedicated HF contesters and dedicated Emcomm ops
discover and enjoy VHF / UHF / microwave roving.  Won't some more of you
give it a go?


I'm leaving this evening for Newington, CT for the quarterly Admin & Finance
Committee meeting.  Once that's over, I expect to put W1AW on the air for a
fair chunk of Phone Sweepstakes.  Good luck to all, and I'll be listening
for you!




Marty N6VI





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The results of the June 2013 VHF contest are now 

online on ARRL.org.  The Southern California Contest 

Club had the highest club aggregate score of any club 

anywhere.  But it was a cliffhanger:  SCCC had 1.36 

million points to Potomac Valley's 1.33 million.  No other 

club had a score more than about half of the SCCC 

and PVRC totals.


SCCC also had a bunch of top individual scores.  More 

on that in a minute...


This is the second June contest in four years in which 

SCCC slipped past PVRC by a tiny winning margin.  It 

also happened in 2010 when SCCC had 2.81 megapoints 

to PVRC's 2.72 million.  No other club had more than 

about half of the top two scores that year as well.  So 

this is SCCC's second-ever gavel in the June VHF 

contest.  (It looks like we also won the gavel in the 

August UHF contest, but that's not official yet.)


Why were all of the scores so much lower in 2013 than 

in 2010?  In 2010, six meter sporadic E propagation was 

very, very good.  This year it was truly awful.  Fortunately 

for SCCC, propagation was equally bad almost 



For SCCC to win any gavel, a lot of SCCC members have 

to do really well in their categories  That happened again 

this year.


In the very competitive multi-multi category, N6VI was #3 

nationally.  That's pretty amazing for a station on the west 

coast.  I know Marty would want to thank his very talented 

team of operators and also the SCCC rovers, who

provided a HUGE boost to the N6VI score.


K6AH was #1 in the rover category, with SCCC members 

taking four of the top five spots nationally.  KI6FGV (now 

K6FGV) was #2, N6HD was #3 and KJ5MSY was #5 



W6TE was #1 nationally in the unlimited rover category.


N6NB was #1 nationally in the single operator (QRP) 

portable category by a wide margin.  Only one station in the 

country had a higher score in the single operator low power 

category (which allows 200 watts on six and two) than 

N6NB had in the 10-watt portable category.  It really pays 

to have a good group of rovers to work!


Many other SCCC members contributed to the club's win.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the June VHF contest.



Wayne, N6NB



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