[SCCC] W1AW/6 update

Glenn Rattmann k6na at cts.com
Mon Feb 10 21:48:33 EST 2014

The website schedule is up to date, as I write this at 6:40PM.  Take 
a look, and select more slots!  In case anyone missed it, here is the 
announcement again, with web link, and a quick summary of procedures, 
going forward.  The event is not limited to SCCC members, of 
course!  --Glenn K6NA

Dear Host,

Important additional information is included here, on procedures 
going forward.  Save and refer to this email please.

Below is the note, with website link, I sent out Sunday evening to 
the SCCC mailing list.  I'm sending it separately now to Hosts and 
others who may not be on the SCCC reflector.

SEVEN DAYS, to see if your callsign is in the slots you expect to 
see!  If something is wrong, send me direct email ASAP and I will fix 
my Master sheet.

If you want additional slots assigned, use the Form on the website to 
request them.

If you need removal of any slots, send me direct email.

The main Master sheet is in my PC, updating all the time...The 
website version may lag a few hours on updating, depending on when I 
send an update to the webmaster.  If you're not sure of something, phone me.

Important:  Your operative assignment document is now the website 
schedule!  Going forward, I'm not relying on past emails or phone 
calls we may have exchanged.  It's in your hands-- If you see 
something on the website schedule that's not what you expect to see-- 
Send me direct email or phone me, right away!

Glenn K6NA
cell 760-447-3104
SCCC announcement:
Many of you know, I've been coordinating the upcoming SoCal week of 
W1AW/6 operations for the ARRL Centennial year.  Many SoCal stations 
are onboard for this, and some more of you may want to apply to Host 
the callsign.  You must be an ARRL member to Host, and you will be 
expected to work both domestic and DX pileups of stations who are 
looking for you!

Operations start on Wednesday, Feb 12 at 0000Z.  That is 4PM local 
PST, afternoon of Tuesday Feb.11.

Our webmaster, Jim Forsyth AF6O, has created a webpage with all the 
information.  Please go to:

Please read all the information presented, and visit the 
links.  Download and print out the Rules and Guidelines from our site.

Existing Hosts can use the schedule and Form there to ask for 
additional slots,  and new applicants can use them to apply for Host 
authorization and slots from K6NA.  The Form has an auto-send email feature.

Potential guest operators may choose to contact Host colleagues 
directly and offer services.  Please don't send me the Form.

73  Glenn K6NA
cell 760-447-3104

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