[SCCC] need 80-160SSB, 30mDigi ops

Glenn Rattmann k6na at cts.com
Mon Feb 17 15:31:49 EST 2014

Received requests from outside... people looking to make their Sweep.
Can a couple of Digi folks step up, later this afternoon when 30m 
opens toward the east... maybe 4PM, onward?  Would be nice to cover 
this from 00Z to about 04Z I'd imagine.  Two of you could split it 
up, 2 hours each maybe?  Then maybe again during Tuesday local day, 
if the band opens.

Secondly, seeing rqsts for more 80 SSB tonight, and also some 160 
SSB.  I have had some cancellations for lowbands and more slots are 
available again; take another look.  (That is Feb 18, Zulu).  Tonight 
Local is the last chance for folks east of us to work us on low 
bands... we end at 4PM on Tuesday, before low bands are useable again.

I will do some 80ssb and 160ssb here, if no one else can do it.  I 
was hampered on 160ssb last night until quite late, I did make a few 
Qs there but only after my neighbor's plasma TV went away.  Hateful 
thing, wipes out my RX from about 1822 -1850 or more.....


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