[SCCC] reminder, check prior slot

Glenn Rattmann k6na at cts.com
Mon Feb 17 15:43:43 EST 2014

Gang, just a reminder, this procedure to prevent overlaps works well 
as reported by others....

Before you start your assigned slot, verify if there is another 
slot-holder just before you, on the same mode-band.  If he's active, 
it may show on the clusters (BUT, lack of a cluster spot isn't proof 
that he isn't there).  But if not, tune the band to find his 
activity.  Listen, and make sure he stops when his time is up--BEFORE 
YOU START!  If in doubt, phone me to check the latest master sched, 
in case the website has not updated.

The added benefit of doing this is that you take over the previous 
guy's pileup, so your rate is good right from the get-go.

Enjoy! -- but watch the clock!


-- Mom

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