[SCCC] SCCC Digest, Vol 134, Issue 12

Randy Johnson randyj at loan-wolf.com
Mon Feb 17 20:02:41 EST 2014

Call: W6SJ
Operator(s): W6SJ
Station: W6SJ

Class: SO HP

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   40:           43	
   20:   	     43
   15:           40
   10:           42
Total:  265  168  Total Score = 133,560

500 watts to vertical antennas

My goal was to find a few new countries and see if I could get 40 mults on
each of 4 bands, and that goal was achieved.  Also got Jersey and Kazakhstan
for new ones. Never heard 8Q that is spitting distance from Amsterdam Is.
That I worked on 20 and 40, but surely they didn't have same antennas.  

My receiving antenna for 20 thru 10 is a 20 meter Moxon in the attic run
through a Palomar Preamp.  Better signals by far than the verticals except
for 40 m.

All in all, lots of fun and I pretty much could work all I could hear.

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