[SCCC] New Article on Website

Glenn Rattmann k6na at cts.com
Thu Feb 27 13:56:18 EST 2014

Wow!  Marty, you hit this out of the park.  Thanks for writing it, 
and Jim-- thanks for posting!

If any of us know of some potential Technician Class candidates for 
this, we should strike while the iron (I mean Ten Meters) is 
hot!  Give them a demo... Get them started working stations on this 
band, and they will be hooked.

73, Glenn K6NA

At 09:38 AM 2/27/2014, you wrote:
>Why Public Service-Oriented Hams Should Participate in Contests - N6VI
>Below is the preamble that Marty asked to be sent along with this 
>73 Jim, AF6O
>/New Blood: Getting "Emcomm" Hams to Try Contesting/
>/Along with the general concern over the graying of Amateur Radio, 
>many contesters see the contact pool aging and eventually 
>dwindling.  Even though total licensing in the U.S. has risen, 
>roughly half of all U.S. Hams today are Technician-class licensees 
>who may never be exposed to contesting unless contesters get them 
>interested.   We can do ourselves some good while helping our 
>recruits become more skilled operators if we practice some 
>outreach.  To that end, I have prepared the accompanying article, 
>and I encourage you to share it with local "emcomm" groups and 
>individuals.  Many of you have done a great job of bringing in 
>newcomers by providing guest-op chairs at your contest stations or 
>by coaching GOTA operators at your local Field Day.  Here's one way 
>to cast the net a bit wider. /

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