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Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 23:48:44 EST 2015

Call: *NX6T <http://www.3830scores.com/findcall.php?call=NX6T>*
Operator(s): K6AM <http://www.3830scores.com/findcall.php?call=K6AM> N6EEG
<http://www.3830scores.com/findcall.php?call=N6EEG> N6KI
<http://www.3830scores.com/findcall.php?call=N6KI> NN6X
Station: NX6T

Class: *Multi-Op HP*
Operating Time (hrs): 15
Location: USA
 Summary:   Compare Scores
Total:QSOs*561*State/Prov*53*Countries*13*Total Score*90,948*

Club: San Diego Contest Club
3 Ops on site and John K6AM operated our K3 at site in Fallbrook from his
home QTH in San Diego for 3 hours and although equipment had no issues,
internet/software connections gave us some latency issues of 3 to 4 seconds
at times and there were some paddle keying issues due to software. Noise
level S6 to S7 forced us to use 6ft RX Loop most of contest. Our full
length 160 mtr Inv V Dipole mostly warms clouds so a better TX antenna like
a vertical is needed to be installed and RX noise issues resolved if we are
able to remain at our Fallbrook portable site in future. K3, ACOM 2000A,
160 Mtr Inv V Dipole @ 70 ft, 6 ft RX Loop - 73 de Dennis N6KI

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