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Greetings KBers.  Just before he left for KP1, K6MM posted the official
results of CQP 2014 at CQP.org.


Congratulations to all the winners and record breakers!  Amazing work to
all and near record participation.

I would like to once again recognize all of the tireless, dedicated
volunteers who are able to produce such fantastic results and records.
Words cannot be said that reflect my pride and admiration of the entire CQP
team, and in particular our delopment Superstars Tom NS6T and Matt WX5S.
(if you see these guys at a meeting make sure they drink for free ok :-))

Note: A detailed magazine quality Writeup will be forthcoming.  I am
working on it while simultaneously trying to do a KB job rejuvenating the
SSB sprint..  of course many of you have seen the traffic on that.. and may
recognize alot of similarities between the new SSB sprint and the way we
run CQP :-).

Anyway.. I cant hold it back any longer.. stay tuned for the writeup and my
presentation at the March NCCC meeting.

I will leave it(for the moment) exclusive to NCCC members and release to CQ
contest in a few days.

73 es KB
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