[SCCC] SEQP 2017

Dennis Younker NE6I NE6I at cox.net
Mon Aug 21 20:25:24 EDT 2017

Thanks for sharing your observations, Bob. I watched the eclipse broadcasts
on TV (several networks at the same time) plus NASA.gov online instead of
operating the SEQP. I was pretty captivated. I will be interested to see the
summary of the data captured by the RBN. Should make for interesting

As an aside, we realized today that we should have gone to our oldest
daughter's QTH in Idaho. We could have experienced a full eclipse there!
Never even occurred to us until this morning when we saw it passing through
Idaho! DOH!

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SEQP 2017
Call: NC6Q
Operator(s): NC6Q
Station: NC6Q (Townhouse)
Category: Single Op
Mode: all CW
Assisted (but it didn't help)
Low power
Overlay: historic
QTH: Signal Hill, CA
Grid Square: DM03wt
Operating Time (hrs): 7 (as requested)
Band    QSOs
20:        13
40        6
Total:     19
Club: Southern California Contest Club
N1MM+ logging software, rig Yaesu FT-1000, indoor dipoles with lots of
metal all around.
Spent 90% of my time calling CQ. With my attic dipoles, I just never
experienced a peak of anything, anytime. I did have time :) to study the
reverse beacon network (rbn) online as well as DX Monitor. And I saw myself
spotted many times, with an snr of 5 and then later 15 at the same place!
There were many other CW spots on 20m nationwide. Just didn't hear farther
than the Mississippi, or there abouts. Every single op was prepared and sent
me the full 6-digit grid square. I worked only one guy, W6SX, twice, once on
40 then on 20. All others were unique. I took time off to walk outside and
remembered, at the last minute, to make a pin-hole camera to see the 62% of
the sun covered by the moon in Los Angeles. Snagged a picture of it. And I
stayed in the chair for 2 reasons: to read the manuals of the rbn and DX
Monitor, and also to help those who would use the rbn data containing all of
us calling CQ, whether answered or not. THAT I believe is the more useful
data for them--not our logs, which we'll all faithfully send in.
Bob NC6Q
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