[SCCC] Gaviota Cancelled

Tim Goeppinger timgep at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 10 11:04:25 EDT 2018

I received a report for bad conditions at Gaviota yesterday.  Based on my 4 QSOs out at Chiriaco Summit, and this news, I am going to cancel my trip to Gaviota.

I will be on today from Signal Hill DM03 and a hill in Glendale for DM04.   Maybe I will do Santa Monica Mountains too, just so I can experience the joy of the 101 freeway.

I am glad I was prepared for FT8, because it is the primary contest mode.  There are still bugs in WSJT with the compound /R callsign, so I had to take the /R off.   PLEASE everybody,

turn the NA Contest Mode ON.   It is now a 2 step process ( - Turn VHF Features ON in the General Settings.   Then check the "NA Contest Mode" from your main screen.   Make sure you are on WSJT-x 1.9.1 .   Anyone for FT8 on 144.174?

Lets hope for a better day on the VHF bands today!

Tim N6GP/R  (and sometimes not /R)

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