[SCCC] 50 MHz Spring VHF Sprint Next Saturday

Dennis Younker NE6I NE6I at cox.net
Sat May 5 18:36:44 EDT 2018

6 meters is already hopping this Sporadic-E season! The next 50 MHz Spring
VHF Sprint is next Saturday, May 12. It starts at 2300Z and ends four hours
later at 0300Z. 

This is a great tune-up for the June ARRL VHF contest, AND a good contest in
and of itself. If you haven't tried that 50 MHz position on your modern
radio yet, it's time! I started with an 8 ft high dipole a few years ago and
was hooked on 50 MHz! And no, I don't own a 6 meter amplifier. 100 watts is
working well for me. 

Wondering about openings on 6? Go to DXMAPS.com and check it out for
yourself. For example, it's been open all day today to the Pacific Northwest
and even Canada. In the heat of the season, working the east coast and
Hawaii are possible. Last summer, many west coast hams worked Europe!

More info on the VHF Sprint can be found at:

FT8 will undoubtedly be the favored mode but be sure to check the JT modes,
CW and SSB as well. 


See you on the magic band!


73, Dennis NE6I

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