[SCCC] SDG&E Noise Mitigation - RFI

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 00:39:48 EDT 2018

This from a San Diego Area ham
who has had to resolve RFI noise in the past

Here's the latest on SDG&E

*"For the past two months I have unsuccessfully tried to find out about the
status of SDG&E's noise abatement department.  Since Fred Smith retired
there is no way to contact anyone who deals with noise from power lines.
All phone numbers, including Fred's cell, have been closed.*

*Attempts to contact someone with knowledge about this issue have all been
unsuccessful.  In fact, there seems to be a barrier for anyone to contact
people within SDG&E, with the exception of regular business and home
utility issues.  The secretary of VP in charge of Customer Service now
refuses to return my calls.  Today, after several more hours on the phone,
I've given up completely.  If any of you know someone within the company
who can find out what is going on, it would be a big help.We all know FCC
law requires utilities like SDG&E to eliminate RF interference from power
lines when it occurs, defined as unintentional radiation.  For the most
part, they have dealt with this issue for many decades, certainly since I
arrived in SD County in 1975.  Today I sent messages to my state senator
and assemblyman, providing a short explanation and asking for help.  I have
no idea whether or not they can do anything for us.  Next will be to file
complaints to FCC (via ARRL) and to the California Public Utilities
Commission, which also requires SDG&E to comply with federal law.  I don't
know if complaints to the SD County Board of Supervisors would be
helpful.Some of you are fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood with
underground power lines.  If there are regular above ground lines within a
couple of miles of your area, you are still susceptible to noise.One thing
for sure:  If I'm the only one complaining, we won't see a solution.  We
need a LOT of voices to complain and ask for help by any means possible.
We need suggestions on dealing with this problem.  SDG&E is pushing this
blatant disregard for responsibility and federal law.  We need to raise as
much hell as we can.....If you belong to a radio club, please pass the word
for others to help."*

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