[SCCC] Alpha 91b HF Amplifier

J. Richard Low j.richard.low at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 16:43:21 EDT 2018

I'm selling my Alpha 91b to build cash toward a solid state amplifier.

 Very clean and reliable legal limit amplifier. Full output from 2
0VAC mains but tap selectable for 120VAC. Electrical 9.5 of 10. Physical
8.5 of 10 --- meter
(plate current, HV, tune) slips on shaft but meter
can be
ed with a little lateral pressure
. No scratches dents or dings. Has 10m enabled. Non-smoking second owner
since ~2005. Quiet blower and fan. Extremely quiet T/R relays for QSK.
Original manual, box and packing. Transformer has been removed and would be
shipped separately from amplifier
(or pickup in San Diego!)
. Front panel layout similar to OM-2500HF.

Asking $2
. Will entertain offers.

Rick N6CY
n6cy at arrl.net
San Diego CA

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