[SCCC] N3FJP keying the 7300 Voice keyer

rayday at cox.net rayday at cox.net
Mon Sep 24 17:51:49 EDT 2018

Hi Bob,

Yeah, me, too. Hard to do since the 7300 wants various values of resistance
presented through the MIC connector to key the various messages. I had K6VHF
make an adapter for just this purpose, or you could roll your own. See
www.k6vhf.com <http://www.k6vhf.com>  or write him - I don't know if the
demand is high enough for him to have them in stock.

Mine's a small box (with PTT and 4 pushbuttons) with 2 cables - MIC IN and
MIC out; goes in series between your mic and the 7300. I could send a pic to
you if you'd like..


Ray N6HE


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