[SCCC] Problem getting N3FJP (or N1MM+) contest software to key the IC-7300 voice keyer

Bob Grubic bobgrubic at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 17:12:18 EDT 2018

Paul K6PO,

Thanks for your email. All the videos online show the screen of the 7300
and demo how it's done, but none of them (not even N3FJP's directions) talk
about how or how not to hook up the PC to the radio. There seems to be a
COM port sharing problem. So, I got a VI-C cable and am using 2 USB cables.
One for Rig Control (freq and mode) and the CI-V for Voice Memory control.
The voice keying still does not work, even using two COM ports.

Even the demo with N1MM+ shows the same thing. Not how to hook them up and
set up the configuration.

Any suggestions any one?

Bob NC6Q

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